goodnight <3

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Everyone else got a hot phase where’s my hot phase

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George’s snapchat story today. (18/04/14)


its like this gif is hitting on me 

and i like it

George + his new tattoo


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maybe someday it will change maybe

yeah, until then let’s use the best arm we got, our vote!

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there are three levels to tumblr friendships:

1. super nice messages

2. slightly wierd messages

3. messages with the entirety of bohemian rhapsody lyrics and messages at 4am saying things like “what if you woke up and u were a chicken”

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yup like say they really don’t about other cities and we can’t do anything:/.

yeah, sadly we can only watch and hope for the best /:

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oh my goodness… i can’t imagine how you must feel right now! i hope all goes well! <3

thanks Pat, you’re very sweet <3 

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